As Disinformation Spreads, California Ethnic Media Overcome Pandemic Losses to Inform Communities

A new EMS survey shows ethnic media in CA remain resilient despite serious financial challenges from the pandemic.

Housing, Hate, and Health Top Concerns for AAPI in LA

The agency will be translating all written materials into the 15 most-used languages in the state and adding more interpreters to its phone lines.

How to Ease L.A. Homeless Crisis – Voters See Coordination as Key, Not...

With more than 65,000 people living on Los Angeles County’s streets, there’s desperation in the air. Despite all efforts to address it, the situation...

California State Lawmakers Introduce Two Bills to Combat Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

California lawmakers introduced two bills in the state Legislature Feb. 17 aimed at combating the surge of hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Pacific...

Los Angeles’ Diverse Population Reimagines its Rio

First-ever multilingual public opinion poll on Los Angeles River shows strong support for river revitalization. After decades of planning, the moment to turn the dream to reality has come, say the river’s advocates.

Multi-ethnic Survey Finds Support for California’s COVID Work – Widespread Fear of Racial...

Californians report improved finances and growing confidence that they won’t get COVID-19, according to a new survey by a coalition of nonprofit organizations. In this...

Trump Effect — Mid-terms a Turning Point for Asian American Voters

With a history of low voter engagement, Asian Americans have not been seen as an influential voting bloc. What is known as the Trump Effect appears to be changing that.

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