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Livestreams of on-site and Zoom roundtable briefings that bring ethnic media together with experts, officials, nonprofit leaders, and advocates to exchange perspectives on urgent issues. Watch and Follow the Conversation.

The Alarming Surge of Pediatric RSV

Causes related to the surge of cases; how parents can distinguish between RSV, a cold, and Covid-19, preventive measures, therapeutics and treatment.

Protecting the Rights of Long Term Care Residents

The right to vote is only one in a long list of long term care residents' rights, including the right to health care and the right to quality of life.

Post Election Forum: Diverse Perspectives Take Stock of Initial Results

Experts to analyze the voting trends among the two fastest growing voting populations in the US, Latino and AAPI, as well as Black and White women voters.

Spotting and Avoiding Scams in Indian Country

Sharing with Native American news media the most recent FTC data on fraud and scams, legal action the FTC has taken, free resources and first-person testimonies.

Election Verification — Can Voters be Sure Their Votes Will be Counted in 2022?

What steps is California is taking to prevent voter intimidation at the polls in this year's midterms, and to verify that votes are accurately and fairly counted?

Domestic Abuse Takes Many Forms

Speakers will focus on domestic violence via technology, coercive control, policy at the CA state & national level. Are immigrants more vulnerable to abuse?

Meet Five First-Time Ethnic Candidates — Running for Office in Harris and Fort Bend Counties

Ethnic media meet, hear from and ask questions of four first-time ethnic candidates running for office in Harris and Fort Bend counties, Texas.

Long-Term COVID: The Next Pandemic?

Panelists will address symptoms of long COVID and managing them, the role of vaccines in mitigating long COVID and disparities in the delivery of care.

Imagining LA as a Multicultural City — Writers and Community Leaders Share their Perspectives

Our panel will explore how Los Angeles can move on from the explosive leaked audio scandal of three Latino City Council members.