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Livestreams of on-site and Zoom roundtable briefings that bring ethnic media together with experts, officials, nonprofit leaders, and advocates to exchange perspectives on urgent issues. Watch and Follow the Conversation.

Mississippi’s Redistricting Battles Shift to Grassroots – Mirror Trends Across the South

At the local level, advocates are pushing for fair representation on school boards, city councils, county boards. Was Just Live

Interracial Marriage in a Polarized America

With open racism on the rise and challenges to personal and privacy rights, what are the realities for interracial couples and their mixed-race offspring? Livestream this Fri.

We’re Vaccinated. We’re Boosted. So Why Are We All Still Getting Sick From Covid?

COVID-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are on the rise in the U.S. Three experts discuss the latest information.

San Joaquin County’s Diversity Challenge

Speakers include public health officials and community organizers who have worked on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Three Cities Make Headway Against Homelessness — Bakersfield, Columbus, Houston

This briefing looks at three cities that are making dramatic gains in addressing the crisis of homelessness in this country.