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Live podcasts of zoom and on-site roundtable news briefings that bring ethnic media together with experts, officials, nonprofit leaders, and advocates to exchange perspectives on urgent issues. Watch and Follow the Conversation.

Voting for Change – Why it Works: Community Advocates Make a Case for Ethnic Votes

Our panelists work in communities across the country and will talk about how the power of the vote can help generate change. Live Friday

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Domestic Violence: One Step Away from Homelessness

Speakers discuss how domestic violence often leads to homelessness, the findings of the UCSF study, and the increase in domestic violence over the past two years.

Top Scams of 2023 — FTC Breaks Down New Data

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) joins us to unpack the latest data on the biggest scams from last year.

US Senate Candidates’ Forum: Live with Reps Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Adam Schiff

Ethnic Media Services and California Black Media are pleased to jointly present a candidates’ forum, with three of the major contenders for the seat addressing your questions.

Rescuing Local Journalism – What’s at Stake for Ethnic Media?

Our guests explore current initiatives to rescue local journalism through various forms of taxpayer support and other public policies. Several ethnic news media publishers will also share their views.

Border Crisis — What Are the Policy Options Given Our Polarized Politics

Our panelists delve into the current proposals, the political consequences of another anti-immigrant cycle, local response to high numbers of asylum seekers, and long-term problems with the immigration system.

Are We In a Healthy Economy? Why Are So Many Falling Off the Cliff?

Our guest speakers discuss what’s ahead for 2024, and how an unstable economy impacts its most vulnerable residents.

Fighting Substance Abuse: Breakthroughs in Prevention and Recovery

The Center at Sierra Health Foundation highlights the work of three nonprofit organizations working on innovative ways to prevent and recover from substance abuse and advance health equity throughout California.

How Elections in Home Countries Impact Diaspora Communities: Taiwan, Mexico and India

Speakers look specifically at immigrants from Mexico, India and Taiwan as well as mainland China, and will also highlight the role of AI and social media in spreading disinformation across diaspora communities.

What Medi-Cal Expansion Means for LA County Health Care: Following Closure of My Health LA

Our panel explored what this transition means for health care access overall, especially for those who never had health care insurance in the past, and what LA County residents need to do to enroll.

Are We Facing A Second Tripledemic?

Experts discuss the predicted tripledemic, the origin of JN.1, symptoms of all three infections; causes; prevention and treatment; and why vaccines and masks remain necessary.

Combating Auto Retail Scams (CARS) Rule: What You Need to Know

The CARS Rule requires transparency in the vehicle shopping process, includes key provisions about pricing, add-on products and services, and buyer’s consent. FTC consumer fraud experts explain.

The Rise of Ethnic Voters

How does political affiliation change over time? How about the new voters? What motivates them to register and vote, or not? We know that 45% of the new Gen Z voters are people of color. Will they vote more or less than their white counterparts?