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Older Adults Still at High Risk for COVID-19: Boosters, Family Caregivers, Care Centers Most Effective Measures

Speakers will discuss the challenges of getting older adults fully boosted, and much more. Rescheduled. Live Wed 29th 1pm PT

How Scared Should We Be of Monkeypox?

Does monkeypox pose a similar risk to Covid? How fast can the virus spread? And are certain populations more vulnerable than others?

Vaccinating California’s Youngest Kids — What Parents Need to Know

Infant and toddler COVID-19 vaccines were granted emergency use authorization by the FDA on Friday, June 17. More updates from experts.

Miami-Dade Spotlights National Trends: Rise in Mental Health Challenges for Children and Youth

Medical experts, counselors, and parents explain the rise of mental illness among youth and discuss what young people need.

Why Latin America Matters to the U.S.

As Biden hosts a summit of Latin American leaders, speakers will assess what the U.S. stakes are in a changing LatinAmerica.

California Runs Short of Accredited Asian-language Teachers: Asian American Students Pay the Price

Advocates are calling for a one-time funding package of $5 million to address the acute shortage of accredited Asian-language teachers in the state.

Disaster Relief System Broken: Community Activists Gear Up for Wildfires, Hurricanes Ahead

June 1 marks the start of wildfire and hurricane season. Speakers will discuss what they are planning and what government at all levels needs to do.

How Pennsylvania Put Racial Equity into Redistricting

A multi-racial coalition of organizations achieved a redistricting success story despite intense partisan politics bent on restricting voter access.

Honoring the Legacy of Vincent Chin: Strengthening Cross-Racial Solidarity

40 years after the brutal murder of Vincent Chin, Asian Americans are again confronting a rising tide of racial hate an animus.

Millions of Children at Risk of Losing Health Insurance as Covid-19 Emergency Coverage Ends

Some 40 million children enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP nationwide are at risk of losing their health insurance during this transition.

Media Briefings



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