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Livestreams of on-site and Zoom roundtable briefings that bring ethnic media together with experts, officials, nonprofit leaders, and advocates to exchange perspectives on urgent issues. Watch and Follow the Conversation.

Sci-Fi Writers Imagine Alternative Realities and Futures

Writers and experts discuss how fiction genres that used to be identified with aliens, spaceships, and monsters, have become a popular way to respond to world realities. Livestream Friday

Issues at Stake in Looming Budget Wars

Experts explain the Joe Biden's Budget, defining where the battle lines are being drawn for Dems and Repubs between now and the 2024 Presidential elections.

Students Find Purpose in College Through College Corps

Finding purpose turns out to be a powerful motivator at a time when students report rising rates of depression and anxiety, as well as financial stress and uncertainty.

Severe March Storms

Frontline experts provided overview of the impact of storms, what to expect in the near future; shared vital information and resources available to all Californians.

The Top Scams of 2022

FTC officials unpacked the data, offered advice on how to avoid and report scams, and also described the new multi-lingual platform at

Are We Done With Masks?

Our speakers debated this continuing and contentious issue, and provide advice for keeping children safe amid the ongoing health crisis.

California Reparations Task Force’s Push for Equity for African Americans – What’s Ahead?

Speakers addressed why the Task Force was formed, who is eligible to receive reparations, how the program could affect the state's economy.

Making Public Transit Safe for the Public

Speakers discussed new legislation addressing the safety of public transportation and the streets. One victim shared her story of being attacked on the subway.

Briefing with the IRS — What’s New This Tax Filing Season

Learn about changes in the Earned Income Tax Credit program, new green energy credits, changes in the 1099K and the new tax payers assistance centers.