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Coalition Takes Biden Administration to Task for Falling Short on Voting Rights

In a letter to Biden the coalition cited Census data showing wide discrepancies in voter registration between white voters and voters of color.

California Steps Up on Long March to Reparations

California's Reparations Task Force offers a look at what it means to repair the damage done by centuries of enslavement and racial exclusion.

Making Public Transit Safer — A ‘Massive Intersection of Crises’

The rash of hate crimes, growing numbers of homeless and mentally ill, and a lack of trust in law enforcement have led to more unsafe conditions on public transit.

Ben Jealous on the ‘Insanity of Race’ in America

Ben Jealous’ newest book dissects the disastrous assumptions about the nature and identities of perpetrators of heinous deeds.

The Loneliness of Immigrant Elders

The recent mass shootings in California put a tragic spotlight on the isolation and invisibility of many immigrant elders in the state.

Tyre Nichols Almost Made it Home

The killing of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police has sparked increased demands for police reform nationwide.

Millions to Lose Coverage During the ‘Unwinding’

Starting in April millions of families could see their health coverage disappear as the government unwinds pandemic-era policies.

In California, A Long and Pivotal History of Interracial Marriage

While racial hate continues to rise, the epic story in California--where interracial marriages surpass national figures--is one of love across color lines.

Multiculturalism Means More Not Less

San Fernando Valley Sun | The story of Regina, who identifies as biracial – Black and Latina and Tyrone, a Filipino American.

Shirley Weber Is Sworn In as California’s First Elected Black Secretary of State

Dr. Shirley Weber became the first-elected Black Secretary of State (SOS) of California after she was sworn in Jan. 9.

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