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Supreme Court to Consider Who Runs Elections

The Supreme Court will hear the case a leading conservative federal judge has called "the single most important case for American democracy in the nation’s history."

A Bill of Rights for Long-Term Care Residents

Advocates for older adults say more needs to be done to protect the rights of residents in California's long-term care facilities.

Voters of Color and Women Saved the Democrats from Disaster

Ethnic Media Services debriefed six experts on their reactions to the election results and what should be done to prepare for the 2024 election.

Hundreds Given Bad Ballots in Tennessee

Democratic lawmakers in the state blame the snafu on newly-drawn congressional maps and say it is part of a GOP strategy to suppress votes.

The Pandemic’s Collateral Damage: Long Covid

An estimated 4 million people in the US have permanently dropped out of the workforce due to long Covid. Experts warn we are unprepared for more such cases.

Five Texas Candidates Who Are Taking Democracy By the Reins

With democracy on the ballot this November, these five candidates say the solution is to lean in and "be part of the solution."

New Report Examines Startling Highs — and Lows — Of Mental Health Treatment in America

A new study finds 55% of the over 50 million Americans experiencing a mental illness received no treatment, with access and cost as the primary reasons.

Why is Slavery on the Ballot?

A constitutional amendment on Louisiana's Nov. 8 ballot about slavery and involuntary servitude threatens to expand the latter's definition in dangerous ways.

Imaging a Multi-Racial City After a Political Earthquake

Black, Latino and Indigenous writers and community activists share their views on the scandal in Los Angeles and how the city can move beyond the impasse.

Study Shows Negative Impact of Texas’ New Voting Laws on Voters of Color

The just-released study from the Brennan Center for Justice finds SB 1 has already led to diminished voting for Asian-American, Black and Latino voters.

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