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Beyonce and the Black Roots of Country Music

Beyonce's foray into country music, announced during the Super Bowl last week, has reignited discussions about diversity and representation within the country music scene.

Reading Octavia Butler in the Age of the Polycrisis

Author Octavia Butler (pictured on screen) during a tribute in NYC in 2006. (Image via Flickr) It is 2024, and America has collapsed. A dysfunctional, authoritarian...

How Can Local Media Face the News Crisis?

As devastating layoffs and growing news deserts fuel uncertainty about the future of journalism, what can save local media?

The Enduring Harm of U.S. Deportations

Deportations to African and Muslim-majority nations, which skyrocketed during the Trump administration, continue to disproportionately harm Black immigrants who built their lives in the U.S. 

Housing Gaps are Racial Gaps, Say Bay Area Policymakers

As the Bay Area housing crisis deepens racial and wealth divides, how much is the system working as intended?

New Voting Maps Expand Representation in Southern States

Across the U.S. South, reluctant state legislatures are falling in line with rulings, by even conservative courts, that their voting systems unfairly sideline minority voters.

Fighting Substance Abuse Through Care over Criminalization

As a worsening opioid epidemic ranks among California’s most challenging crises, The Center at Sierra Health Foundation is reducing harm through care over criminalization.

Despite Deficit, Newsom’s Budget Guarantees Funding for Essential State Programs

While California's deficit is estimated in the tens of billions, Gov. Newsom's latest budget maintains funding for critical programs that are a priority for the state.

New Report Shows Latinos, AAPI Underrepresented CA Gov. Appointees

A new report finds that, while Gov. Gavin Newsom has achieved gender parity in his office’s appointments, Latinos and AAPI remain underrepresented.

Climate Displacement is Reshaping Miami

As Florida’s most populated metropolitan area faces record heat, storms and rising seas, its most vulnerable bear the brunt.

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