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Activists Win Voting Rights for Black Alabamians

Evan Milligan, who won a Supreme Court ruling for Black Alabamian voters, says he was initially skeptical about the legal battle.

In Publishing, Diversity Depends Not Only on Who’s Portrayed But How

To change unequal representation for people of color is to change not only how many are portrayed, but also how they’re portrayed.

CA Ethnic Media and State Leaders Meet to Build Inclusive Communications

The 2023 CA Ethnic Media Expo & Awards brought together 150 ethnic media practitioners with key leaders and decision makers in Sacramento.

A World Of Hurt: The Link Between Domestic Violence And Community Gun Violence

This story was selected as the winner for Outstanding Investigative Reporting by a distinguished panel of judges as part of the 2023 Ethnic Media Expo & Awards.

After George Floyd, African Americans and Latinos Remain in Crosshairs of Police Violence

Since the death of George Floyd in 2020, killings by police have continued to climb, with 2022 seeing the highest numbers in a decade.

Meeting the Moment — CA Ethnic Media Front and Center at Expo &...

Ethnic media from across the state gathered to meet with state leaders and decision makers and to celebrate outstanding journalism in the sector.

60 Years Ago, Gospel Singer Mahalia Jackson Made a Suggestion to Martin Luther...

Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson was the inspiration behind Martin Luther King Jr's historic "I Have a Dream" speech.

A Mixed Bag When it Comes to Diversity in Hollywood

Despite recent efforts to make the entertainment industry more reflective of the nation as whole, there is still more work to be done.

Alabama Unbowed in Battling Black Voting

Alabama's GOP-dominated legislature and governor are defying a SCOTUS ruling ordering the state to draw voting maps that are fairer to Black voters.

Back-to-Schoolers Face Teacher Shortages, Polarization and Learning Gaps

More teachers are leaving the profession as fewer people seek to enter it, while fights over curricula and pandemic-era learning loss loom in classrooms nationwide.

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