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How is California Beating the Heat?

At a Sept. 26 EMS briefing, state and community organizations shared how they were adapting to extreme heat on the community level.

How Climate Change Changes Us

As climate change alters temperatures and weather patterns worldwide, it also alters our lives socially, politically and spiritually.

As Temperatures Rise, Unhoused Turn to Each Other to Beat the Heat

Three unhoused veterans of Bay Area summer heat waves say their most important tips for surviving the rising temperatures have come from other unhoused people.

‘Not Your Grandmother’s Heat Waves’

California braces for a new normal that includes extreme, deadly heat. But the state has made investments to keep its people cool.

The Ancient Practice of Ayurveda Can Combat Modern Day Extreme Heat

By Sunita Sohrabji | India Currents Extreme heat is not new for residents of India, where temperatures in inland areas routinely rise to 122 degrees...

CA Schools Get $117M to Turn Pavement Into Green Space

A new $117 million CalFIRE program aims to shade kids from record heat by replacing school pavement with drought-tolerant green space.

How the West Coast’s Only Heat Officer is Cooling LA

LA Chief Heat Officer Marta Segura is responding to the heat waves scorching Southern California as a public health crisis.

The Heat Is On: California Ramps Up Coping Strategies

Exposure to extreme heat can be deadly. But simple solutions, such as planting more trees for shade, can greatly mitigate harm for vulnerable communities.

More Parks, Trees May Add Nearly 1 Million Years to LA County Life Expectancy

A UCLA study confirms what the urban greening nonprofit TreePeople has seen for 50 years: environmental inequality worsens public health in LA County.

How CA’s Hottest and Most Latino County is Fighting Extreme Heat

As heat-related illnesses and deaths have risen in Imperial County over the past few years, cooling centers prove critical in the fight against extreme heat.

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