Ohio Train Derailment Becomes Focus of Chinese Misinformation

The flood of histrionic messaging on Chinese social media around events in the US has left many Chinese Americans feeling frustrated and confused.

OP-ED: Asian Americans Want Stronger Gun Laws. As Elected Officials, We Must Act.

An overwhelming majority of Asian Americans support tougher gun laws and are now in a position to influence the outcome of elections in states across the country.

Shirley Weber Is Sworn In as California’s First Elected Black Secretary of State

Dr. Shirley Weber became the first-elected Black Secretary of State (SOS) of California after she was sworn in Jan. 9.

The ‘Lie Lives On’: Jan. 6 Set Off Wave of Restrictive Voter Laws

Two years after false claims of voter fraud fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection, those same lies are shaping restrictive voter laws in a slew of states.

A Deep Dive Into LA Politics, Post-Racist Recordings

LA politics "post racist recording" is a fraught moment for communities of color and indigenous people in the city. It is also an opportunity for change.

Supreme Court to Consider Who Runs Elections

The Supreme Court will hear the case a leading conservative federal judge has called "the single most important case for American democracy in the nation’s history."

Elections Are Never Over in Arizona

Weeks after this year’s midterm elections, controversies continue to buffet the political process in Arizona.

Voters of Color and Women Saved the Democrats from Disaster

Ethnic Media Services debriefed six experts on their reactions to the election results and what should be done to prepare for the 2024 election.

Hundreds Given Bad Ballots in Tennessee

Democratic lawmakers in the state blame the snafu on newly-drawn congressional maps and say it is part of a GOP strategy to suppress votes.

Midterms Offer Glimpse of ‘New American Majority’

Advocates say changes in the American electorate are not reflected in national polling, which they argue distort expectations and campaign funding.

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