Inflation is the Top Priority for Asian American Voters

Rampant inflation in all sectors of the US economy is the top concern for AAPI voters, concluded the Pew Research Center in a survey.

What Do Young Latino Voters Want to Hear on the Republican Debate Stage?

Candidates will have to aggressively court young Latino voters, who are the fastest-growing voter population.

Activists Win Voting Rights for Black Alabamians

Evan Milligan, who won a Supreme Court ruling for Black Alabamian voters, says he was initially skeptical about the legal battle.

How Climate Change Changes Us

As climate change alters temperatures and weather patterns worldwide, it also alters our lives socially, politically and spiritually.

Tennessee Republicans Unmoved by Growing Calls for Gun Reform

A mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in March killed six. Since then, 188 adults and 24 children have died from guns in Tennessee.

Indian American Republicans Sticking with Trump

Despite strong showings by Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, Indian American Republicans will vote for Donald Trump.

Indian American Rivals Spar at Republican Presidential Debate

Republican Presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy sparred Aug. 23 evening at the first Republican Presidential debate.

Alabama Unbowed in Battling Black Voting

Alabama's GOP-dominated legislature and governor are defying a SCOTUS ruling ordering the state to draw voting maps that are fairer to Black voters.

Texas Southern Border ‘Like a War Zone’

Floating barriers and razor wire now line the Rio Grande along the US-Mex border, one of many obstacles migrants face as they seek to enter the country.

3 Texas State Legislators Share Lessons Learned from 2023 Session 

Three Texas state legislators engaged with ethnic media and spoke about building bridges with the state's very diverse communities.

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