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What Do Young Latino Voters Want to Hear on the Republican Debate Stage?

Candidates will have to aggressively court young Latino voters, who are the fastest-growing voter population.

Activists Win Voting Rights for Black Alabamians

Evan Milligan, who won a Supreme Court ruling for Black Alabamian voters, says he was initially skeptical about the legal battle.

In Publishing, Diversity Depends Not Only on Who’s Portrayed But How

To change unequal representation for people of color is to change not only how many are portrayed, but also how they’re portrayed.

Hmong Farmers in Siskiyou County Continue Fight Against Law Enforcement Racism

Hmong farmers are seeking a settlement in their battle against Siskiyou County law enforcement, who - they allege - have engaged in discrimination.

Three Voices on What It Takes to Heal From Hate

A journalist and organizer, a former political prisoner and a professor of African American studies share their thoughts on how victims and communities heal from hate.

Untouchable in America

Prem Pariyar and his family have suffered from caste discrimination throughout their lives in Nepal. He did not expect to find it in the US.

Pain, Grief and Fear: Korean Media Tackle Aftermath of Texas Shooting

Nearly two weeks after a gunman killed 8 people in Allen, Texas, Korean Americans there are asking why the shooting isn't being treated as a hate crime.

The Invisibility of Asians in America

Though they are one of the oldest populations in the U.S., Asian Americans feel like they are still perceived as foreigners.

When Marriage Becomes an ‘Act of Resistance’

Margo Long's marriage to an African American man in 1965 became the foundation of a family with Jewish-Muslim-Latino-European and African-American roots.

Vincent Chin Institute Launched by AsAm Lawmakers, Organizers at US Capitol

The institute will help to preserve the memory of Vincent Chin, who was killed 40 years ago at a time of severe anti-Asian hate, and comes as hate crimes targeting Asian Americans is once again on the rise.

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