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California Steps Up on Long March to Reparations

California's Reparations Task Force offers a look at what it means to repair the damage done by centuries of enslavement and racial exclusion.

Ben Jealous on the ‘Insanity of Race’ in America

Ben Jealous’ newest book dissects the disastrous assumptions about the nature and identities of perpetrators of heinous deeds.

No Tolerance for Intolerance: Law Enforcement Vets Explore Strategies to Combat Hate Crimes

The ACT Against Hate Alliance brought together some heavy hitters from law enforcement to discuss strategies for combatting the recent rise in hate crimes.

The Long, Overlooked History of Lunar New Year in the US

Asian Americans have developed Lunar New Year traditions inflected by immigration, international relations, and complicated relations with US society.

A Deep Dive Into LA Politics, Post-Racist Recordings

LA politics "post racist recording" is a fraught moment for communities of color and indigenous people in the city. It is also an opportunity for change.

Spanish Language Daily La Opinión on Its Coverage of LA City Council Scandal

Following criticism from the Oaxacan community, the paper's editor says its coverage of the scandal has sought to capture all voices.

Imaging a Multi-Racial City After a Political Earthquake

Black, Latino and Indigenous writers and community activists share their views on the scandal in Los Angeles and how the city can move beyond the impasse.

‘Sadness, Disappointment, Anger’ — Indigenous Oaxacans Fight for Identity, Representation

Racist remarks by LA's Latino leadership cut to the core of efforts to promote greater civic pride among Indigenous Oaxacans, says one veteran organizer.

Nury Martinez and the Unmaking of the ‘Great Mexican City’

Author Richard Rodriguez says the political scandal rocking LA obscures a deeper question about how the city imagines itself now and in the future.

‘We Consider This Hate Speech’ — LA Ethnic Media Respond to Leaked Audio

Editors with Indigenous, Latino and Black papers in the city say remarks by council members have undermined their "moral standing" on issues of race.

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