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As temperatures rise, this series explores strategies for effectively managing the dangers of extreme heat, with tips from the home country, along with advice from community influencers and elders. This work is part of a collaboration with the Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communication for their Heat Ready CA public awareness and outreach campaign. Visit Heat Ready CA to learn more.

Trabajar bajo calor extremo no es una opción para trabajadores inmigrantes

El Impulso News | Tienen que soportar temperaturas de 115 grados para llevar comida a sus casas.

Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Hotter

Residents of the High Desert in Southern California are used to high temperatures, but this year's extreme heat broke records and rattled nerves.

As Temperatures Rise, Unhoused Turn to Each Other to Beat the Heat

Three unhoused veterans of Bay Area summer heat waves say their most important tips for surviving the rising temperatures have come from other unhoused people.

‘The Heat Can Kill’ — How Farmworkers in Fresno Cope with Rising Temperatures

Farmworkers in Fresno use a variety of strategies to manage the risks of extreme heat, from starting earlier to staying hydrated and on alert for signs of heat stroke.

The Bay Area May be ‘Cool,’ but FilAms are Still Preparing for the Heat

Filipinos around the Bay Area are learning to adapt to the rising temperatures.

Three Native American Perspectives on Extreme Heat

Indian Voices | While some shrug off the rising temperatures as an essential part of the landscape, others take a more philosophical view toward extreme heat.

Arab Americans Concerned as Searing Heat Grips Jordan, Syria

Al Enteshar | Summer heat waves are scalding Jordan and Syria, leaving U.S. diaspora populations concerned about relatives and friends vulnerable to water and electricity shortages.

The Ancient Practice of Ayurveda Can Combat Modern Day Extreme Heat

By Sunita Sohrabji | India Currents Extreme heat is not new for residents of India, where temperatures in inland areas routinely rise to 122 degrees...

For Arab American Community, CA Heat Feels Familiar

Al Enteshar | Rising temperatures across parts of California and the US are reminiscent of the kinds of heat usually equated with the Middle East and North Africa.

Riverside và San Bernardino nóng hơn 100 độ F, người Việt ‘cố thủ’ tại nhà

Người Việt | Trong những ngày nóng đến hơn 100 độ F, cộng đồng Việt Nam ở San Bernardino và Riverside thường tránh nóng bằng cách ở nhà và gần như không ai sử dụng các dịch vụ của thành phố.

Intensa ola de color azota el Condado de Kern

El Popular | La vida cotidiana de la comunidad del Condado de Kern se ha transformado en los últimos días ante el inicio de una alarmante ola de calor que ya azota el territorio.

Is it Hot, or is it Just Me?

Hmong Daily News | As heat waves blanket the state, certain segments of the population are at greater risk, including the sizable Hmong community in and around Fresno.

‘Nos toca trabajar con este solazo; si no jalo, no hay comida’

Kiosk News | Frente al pronóstico de olas de calor extremo y extenso, el gobierno de California está tomando medidas para evitar enfermos y muertes relacionadas con el calor.

Cambodian Elders Share Useful Tips for Extreme Heat

Khmer TV | Our favorite tips include soaking a towel in water and putting it on your head before going outside. Also, if you can, take a shower outside because it's cooler and water the plants while you're at it.

On-Topic Conversations

Extreme Heat Update: How is California Adapting? 

What works best in terms of building public awareness in underserved parts of the state about the danger of extreme heat? What success stories can we share? What challenges lie ahead?
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“Every Heat Death is Preventable”
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People with Disabilities Are Disproportionately Impacted by the Challenges of Extreme Heat
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Helping Families Stay Cool When Air Conditioning Is Not an Option
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Food Distribution Routes Are Likely to Be Compromised by Extreme Heat
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Rising Temperatures Are Expected to Displace Hundreds of Thousands of People in the Next Few Years
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How San Joaquin County Helps Its Homeless Community Stay Cool During Extreme Heat
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Ensuring Equity in Extreme Heat Outreach Efforts
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Helping Mobile Home Communities Stay Safe During Extreme Heat
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Climate Change Will Bring Climate Chaos
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Bringing Climate Hope to School Campuses
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Trees Bring More than Just Shade to School Campuses
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Advocating for Student Safety in Extreme Heat
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Why Older Adults Need to be Vigilant About Hydration
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Addressing Extreme Heat and Inequity with Shade Infrastructure
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Ensuring Workers Are Safe During Extreme Heat
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Asian American Communities Often Vulnerable in Extreme Heat
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Agrichemicals, Low-pay Among Obstacles Farmworkers Face When Trying to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat
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Maximum Temperature Threshold for Tenants Needed as California Gets Hotter
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Low-income Neighborhoods Exposed to Higher Levels of Pollution During Extreme Heat
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Extreme Heat is the Top Climate Concern for Miami Residents
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“The Urban Climate Story Does Not Seem to be as Politically Charged as the Global Climate Story”
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Mobile Climate Resilience Hubs Provide Heat Relief for Unhoused People
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Heat Mitigation and Climate Resiliency Require Change Across Multiple Sectors
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Addressing the Diverse Needs of People Seeking Refuge at Cooling Center


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