India Cuts Internet for 27 Million, Sparking Global Protests

Protests broke out worldwide March 19 as the Indian government abruptly shut down all internet communication in the state of Punjab.

Unpacking Biden’s Budget — The President Wants Guns and Butter

President Biden's recently announced budget proposal promises to maintain entitlement programs while dramatically increasing defense spending.

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Sci-Fi Writers Imagine Alternative Realities and Futures

Writers and experts discuss how fiction genres that used to be identified with aliens, spaceships, and monsters, have become a popular way to respond to world realities. Livestream Friday

Issues at Stake in Looming Budget Wars

Experts explain the Joe Biden's Budget, defining where the battle lines are being drawn for Dems and Repubs between now and the 2024 Presidential elections.

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Are We Done With Masks? Three Experts Review the Latest Findings

A new study finds masks do little to prevent the spread of viruses like the flu and Covid, and that hand washing and vaccines offer more protection.

California’s College Corps Program a Respite for Student Volunteers

Supporters say the program gives students a sense of purpose and connection at a moment of rising anxiety and isolation across campuses.

Scammers Took Consumers for $8.8 Billion in 2022

$3.8 billion in investment scams and $2.6 billion in impersonator scams topped the list. Most money lost through bank transfers and crypto currencies.

Asian Teens Say Dating Violence a Taboo Topic at Home

Culture and language are among the barriers that prevent many Asian American teens from openly discussing dating violence with their parents.

My Parents Paid the Ultimate Price for Disinformation

Misinformation peddlers have been spreading lies for decades – and for journalist Natalie Hanson, the cost is personal.