A Year After Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Refugees Struggle to Find Footing in US

There are now 76,000 refugees from Afghanistan who have resettled in the US, mostly in Northern California, Washington DC, Texas, and Washington state.

Los Angeles Looks to Land Banking to Lower Construction Costs for Affordable Housing

The project is part of the L.A. River Master Plan, though officials hope to take it countywide to narrow a massive shortfall in affordable housing.

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Mississippi’s Redistricting Battles Shift to Grassroots – Mirror Trends Across the South

At the local level, advocates are pushing for fair representation on school boards, city councils, county boards. Was Just Live

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Now is Not the Time to Drop Our Guard on Covid, Experts Say

With new variants emerging health experts say now is not the time to let our guard down when it comes to Covid.

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Everyday Ageism Impacts Physical and Emotional Health of Older Adults

Over 82 percent of adults over the age of 50 say they regularly experience one or more form of everyday ageism on a regular basis, studies show.

‘I Was Not Allowed to Have My Own Thoughts’: California Courts Start Penalizing Domestic Abuse

A judge in Southern California embraced a new state law designed to tip the balance in favor of women seeking child custody and restraining orders.

New Texting Policy Complicates Black Voter Outreach

Advocacy and voting rights groups are voicing concern over the new 10DLC text messaging policy adopted by mobile carriers.

California Leads Nation in Interracial Marriages

Interracial couples face a range of challenges in our deeply polarized, society, writes La Opinión's Araceli Martinez.