Clean Water

Oxford Basin event, Measure W, LA County Dept. of Public Works

2020 Census briefing in Raleigh
EMS in the ethnic press

Briefing with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

Tour of San Gabriel Valley watershed

EMS in the ethnic media press

Don Tagala with ABS-CBN

Assemblymember James Ramos addressed a gathering of Native American media and state workers ahead of the upcoming 2020 Census (photo: Lynn Chan).


  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) & Ethnic Media Services (EMS) briefing on consumer fraud
    • WHAT: EMS, in partnership with the FTC, will host a briefing on protecting communities from consumer fraud.
    • WHERE: Milwaukee, WI.
    • WHEN: June 18, 2019
  • 2020 Census: The Stakes for Kern County, CA
    • WHAT: EMS, in partnership with Empower.Vote, will host a briefing on what the 2020 Census could mean for cities in Kern County.
    • WHERE: Bakersfield, CA.
    • WHEN: June 21, 2019

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We Do

Ethnic Media Services works to enhance the capacity of ethnic news outlets to inform and engage diverse audiences on broader public issues with the goal of building a more inclusive participatory democracy.

Ethnic Media Services does this by:

Convening roundtable briefings that bring ethnic media together with experts, officials, nonprofit leaders, and advocates to exchange perspectives on urgent issues, generate media coverage and expand cross-cultural and cross-sector communications.

Organizing professional training and fellowships for ethnic media reporters that expand their knowledge of key issues, connect them to sources and provide financial support for in-depth reporting.

Coordinating social media and marketing campaigns that enable government agencies, foundations, nonprofits and public affairs firms to customize messaging that resonates with diverse audiences and expands ethnic media’s access to advertising revenue.

Producing, translating and syndicating multilingual, original news stories to ethnic news media partners on how policy issues impact their audiences.

Developing communications projects with underserved groups that deepen their engagement with and amplify their voice in the public realm.


Ethnic media are news outlets that serve audiences isolated by language, race, ethnicity and sexual identity from the wider society. A feature of America’s media landscape for centuries, they provide news, information, cohesion, identity and a collective advocacy voice.

“We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us,” proclaimed Freedom Journal, the first black newspaper in New York in 1824. It continues to define the qualities that make ethnic media a distinctive genre of journalism — a parallel universe of news.



The 2020 Census:

Raising awareness of what’s at stake for immigrant and minority communities with the upcoming 2020 Census.

Immigrant Rights

Tracking the politics of immigration reform and its intersection with human and civil rights.

Consumer Fraud

Helping to build ethnic media’s capacity to report on scams in their communities.

Safe, Clean Water

Promoting awareness of LA County’s efforts to modernize its water management system.


Expanding ethnic media’s coverage on and about the environment — from sea level rise to wetlands reclamation.

Depression In Community Colleges

Developing a peer-to-peer messaging model to break the stigma of depression on community college campuses.

Voting Rights

Enlisting ethnic media as an advocacy voice to promote voting rights and shine a spotlight on voter repression.

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