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Is Racial and Ethnic Hatred on the Rise?

When is hate a crime, how do we measure it, and can it be healed?

Was Live Fri, Aug 19, 2022

Guest Speakers:

  • Manjusha Kulkarni, Director and Co-founder, Stop AAPI Hate
  • Becky L Monroe, Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives and External
    , California Civil Rights Department
  • Sassana Yee, Transformational justice activist for victims of hate crimes
  • Brian Levin, Director, Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, Cal
    State-San Bernadino (Invited)

Event Description

Incidents of racial and ethnic hate — both inter-personal expressions of hate and acts of violence — are coinciding with deepening political polarization, distrust of civic institutions, and widening racial, ethnic and class divides. In California, the state legislature has just launched an initiative called “Stop the Hate” to support nonprofits and ethnic media working to address the issue. But what is hate, how do we measure it, when is hate a crime and can we stop it, even heal it? Speakers will address these issues and answer questions from reporters on the call.

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