Mark Hedin

Mark Hedin is a reporter for Ethnic Media Services. He has previously written for the San Francisco Examiner, the San Francisco Chronicle, the East Bay Times, Central City Extra, and SF State’s Golden Gater, as well as other papers.

New Voting Maps Expand Representation in Southern States

Across the U.S. South, reluctant state legislatures are falling in line with rulings, by even conservative courts, that their voting systems unfairly sideline minority voters.

Going to Vote, Going to Church? In Alabama, Don’t Rely on Public Transit

Alabama is among just a handful of states where public transit is paid for not by the state but cities and counties, according to their ability and willingness to pay for it.

Paving the Way for Medi-Cal Expansion in Bakersfield

As Medi-Cal expands to include all undocumented Californians in 2024, vulnerable populations shared their experience of seeking coverage at a Bakersfield briefing.

Storms are On the Way. Are Californians Prepared?

With an El Niño weather pattern promising wetter wets and hotter hots, California's Office of Emergency Services and Listos California are urging residents to stay safe and be prepared.

La FTC reduce barreras lingüísticas para combatir a los estafadores

A partir de este otoño, la Iniciativa de Acceso a las Lenguas de la FTC ampliará sus servicios para incluir al menos una docena de nuevas lenguas.

FTC Scales Language Barriers to Battle Scammers

As of this fall, the FTC's Language Access Initiative will expand its services to include up to a dozen new languages.

No se deje engañar: PG&E advierte a sus clientes para que no caigan en estafas

Los estafadores han desplumado a decenas de miles de clientes de PG&E por millones de dólares en los últimos años, según las autoridades.

Don’t Be Fooled: PG&E Warns Customers Not to Fall for Scams

Scammers have fleeced tens of thousands of PG&E customers for millions of dollars in just the past few years, officials say.



¿Necesita ayuda con su estatus de inmigración? Inscríbase en un colegio comunitario

Un programa pionero en California está ayudando a estudiantes y profesores a navegar por el largo y a menudo complicado sistema de inmigración, de forma gratuita e independientemente de su situación.

이민법 관련 도움이 필요한가요? 커뮤니티 칼리지에 등록하세요

캘리포니아 주가 도입한 획기적인 프로그램은, 이민 신분에 상관없이 학생과 교직원들이 복잡하고 오랜 기간이 걸리는 이민법 문제를 해결할수 있도록 무료로 돕는다.

Need Help With Immigration? Enroll in Community College

A groundbreaking program in California is helping students and faculty navigate the lengthy and often labyrinthine immigration system, free of charge and regardless of status.

CA Ethnic Media and State Leaders Meet to Build Inclusive Communications

The 2023 CA Ethnic Media Expo & Awards brought together 150 ethnic media practitioners with key leaders and decision makers in Sacramento.

‘Not Your Grandmother’s Heat Waves’

California braces for a new normal that includes extreme, deadly heat. But the state has made investments to keep its people cool.

Alabama Unbowed in Battling Black Voting

Alabama's GOP-dominated legislature and governor are defying a SCOTUS ruling ordering the state to draw voting maps that are fairer to Black voters.

‘Si está buscando empleo, ¡los estafadores lo están buscando a usted!’

Una creciente red de delincuentes utiliza portales en línea no regulados como Instagram, WeChat y Tik Tok para atraer a personas que buscan oportunidades de empleo con promesas de dinero rápido y fácil.

‘If You’re Looking for a Job, Scammers are Looking for You!’

A growing network of criminals are using unregulated online portals to lure in job seekers with promises of quick and easy money.

El calor arrecia: California intensifica sus estrategias para enfrentarlo

La exposición al calor extremo puede ser mortal. Pero soluciones sencillas, como plantar más árboles para dar sombra, pueden mitigar los daños.

The Heat Is On: California Ramps Up Coping Strategies

Exposure to extreme heat can be deadly. But simple solutions, such as planting more trees for shade, can greatly mitigate harm for vulnerable communities.

Voting Rights Facing Relentless Attack

Civil rights gains have been under constant challenge since a 2013 Supreme Court decision gutted sections of the landmark Voting Rights Act.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

California braces for a hot summer ahead. Extreme heat is on its way, but so is help via Cal OES and Listos.

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