Myth, AI, & Reality Power A Thrilling New Genre Of Indian Sci-Fi!

From the Ramayana and Artificial Intelligence to Climate Crisis, Indian Science Fiction authors are asking, what if we lived in an alternate universe where the future is a reimagined past?

Don’t Call It Magical Realism: Latin American Writers Use Imagination and Fantasy to Explain the World Around Them

Across Latin America, writers who once turned to magical realism to capture the realities of the region are increasingly turning to science fiction and fantasy.

China’s Science Fiction Writers Navigate the Widening US-China Divide

As US-China tensions rise, science fiction authors in China looking to break into the international market are being forced to navigate a widening breach.

Nowhere to Turn – Few Legal Paths for Migrants Fleeing War, Hunger and Climate Change

Even as climate change fuels a surge in global migration those seeking refuge have few legal options as governments worldwide move to tighten their borders.

As Crises Mount, Global Migrants Pay the Price

Our panel of experts discuss and help us understand why there is a migration crisis and what could and should be done about it.

Move Over Asimov, Clarke and Le Guin — Global Authors Reimagine Sci Fi

A new and diverse generation of sci-fi and fantasy writers are bending an old genre and imagining alternative -- even hopeful -- futures.

Sci-Fi Writers Imagine Alternative Realities and Futures

Writers and experts discuss how fiction genres that used to be identified with aliens, spaceships, and monsters, have become a popular way to respond to world realities.

The Polycrisis Fueling Protests in Perú

Entrenched racism, political dysfunction, environmental degradation and soaring inequality are fueling protests in Perú.

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