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How Climate Change is Changing Our Lives

Was Live Friday, Sep 15, 2023 | 11 am PT

Guest Speakers

  • Hannah Hess, Associate Director, Climate Impact Lab
  • Megan Mullin, Faculty Director, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
  • Jon Christensen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies, UCLA
  • Miranda Massie (she/her), Director and Founder, Climate Museum

Event Overview

Extreme weather events have marked this year in the US and the world. We know that climate change is bringing more than higher temperatures and modified weather patterns: it has the potential to change how we lead our lives, how we work and even what we believe.

During a briefing with ethnic media organized by Ethnic Media Services, we will explore the deeper and more lasting potential effects of climate change: the societal impacts or costs, the public’s reactions as our deeply polarized politics get more and more affected by climate impacts and even our spiritual lives, as we grapple with our roles in the debacle.

Presented by Ethnic Media Services

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