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Love Across Color Lines

Reporters from 20+ ethnic media outlets turn the lens on multiracial couples in their communities, offering intimate portraits of how people and families from all over the world are creating a cosmopolitan culture in this state that has never existed before. While racial hate continues to rise, the epic story is one of love across all color lines.

My Dad’s Champorado Isn’t ‘Authentic,’ and That’s OK

For one young Filipina, learning that her father's cherished recipe isn't exactly "authentic" leads to insights about the immigrant experience.

When Marriage Becomes an ‘Act of Resistance’

Margo Long's marriage to an African American man in 1965 became the foundation of a family with Jewish-Muslim-Latino-European and African-American roots.

Their Cultures are Different, Their Values are Not

She is from Puerto Rico, he is from Taiwan. Despite their vast cultural differences, Nancy and Michael have forged a lasting and loving relationship.

In California, A Long and Pivotal History of Interracial Marriage

While racial hate continues to rise, the epic story in California--where interracial marriages surpass national figures--is one of love across color lines.

A Mixed Race Queer Couple Find Acceptance in Richmond

A Black woman, a white woman and their third partner have forged a happily unorthodox life for themselves in Richmond after struggling to gain acceptance.

Stressful First Date Leads to Long Marriage and Kids

In multiracial relationships, couples like Dyrell Foster and Tami Bui have had to navigate issues of skin color and cultural norms.

Sharing a Family Culture Rooted in Asia

Tu Minh and Erik both trace their roots to Asia, though their cultures couldn't be farther apart. That has not prevented them from forming an enduring bond.

Best Friends Build a Life Together — 44 Years and Counting

Chuck and Roshni don’t consider their relationship extraordinary. “The real difference is that I’m short and he’s tall,” says Roshni!

Interracial Gay Couple Discuss Love, Hate

For Amos and Mickey Lim, a married gay couple who live with their 14-year-old daughter in San Francisco, the road to love was filled with challenges.

Love and Education — Keys to Fighting Racism

Edgar Lara, originally from Oaxaca, says he encounters racism when walking with his girlfriend, Vale Siess, who is white, in Arcadia, outside Los Angeles.

Beth and Chuck Harris – We See Our Legacy in the New Generation

After 36 years of marriage, Beth and Chuck Harris say younger generations are realizing the legacy they helped to create.

Mixed Race Couples Voice Unity in Culture and Love

A look at the lives of three inter-racial couples in Carlsbad, CA, among the regions with the highest rate of multiracial families in the country.

Spread the Love

Moe Kalaya Aye, from Burma, and Miguel Galaviz, originally from Mexico, say love and communication have been key to their marriage of nearly 20 years.

Sharing a Passion for Social Justice

Sami Wasef, an Palestinian Arab from Jerusalem, and Magda Madrigal, a Latina born in Los Angeles, bonded over their shared committments to social justice.

Love on the Border

Kayla Kirby and Vidal Ramirez met and fell in love in Imperial Valley, where they have built a bridge across a chasm between two different languages, nations and cultures.

Embracing Diversity Over Discrimination — One Couple Has Found a Way

The Miilk | Religious and cultural barriers are just some of the challenges that multiracial couples have to overcome as they navigate marriage and society.

I Fell In Love With Her Hair

The story of Sriwong, a Thai national from Bangkok and Ron, a Polish American born in Brighton Park, Chicago.

The More Interracial Families, the Less Signs of Racism

Slavic Sac | Vanda and Vincent Leon have been married for over 20 years. She is a Ukrainian with Polish, Jewish and Russian roots from Kyiv, he is a Hispanic American.

What to Make For Dinner?

The story of Priscilla, a first-generation Hmong American and Jose, a German Yaqui Indian Mexican American.

Multiculturalism Means More Not Less

San Fernando Valley Sun | The story of Regina, who identifies as biracial – Black and Latina and Tyrone, a Filipino American.

My Breakfast House: A Marriage of Food and Culture

Kakey Cheng, from Taiwan, and Enrique Aquino, from Mexico, draw from their respective cultures to create a unique and lasting business and relationship.

This series is part of EMS’ Stop The Hate initiative, made possible with funding from the California State Library (CSL) in partnership with the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs (CAPIAA).


On-Topic Conversations

Interracial Marriage in a Polarized America

With open racism on the rise and challenges to personal and privacy rights, what are the realities for interracial couples and their mixed-race offspring?