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The Use of Folk Medicine in the Hmong Community

Hmong Daily News | Hmong folk remedies to combat Covid-19 include drinking sterile urine, lemongrass steaming sessions, or opium tea concoctions.

Children Don’t Make Decisions: A Community Discussion About Vaccination

Hmong Daily News | Children and adults have the same issues when they get COVID, and just vaccinating the adults in a household is not nearly enough.

What to Make For Dinner?

The story of Priscilla, a first-generation Hmong American and Jose, a German Yaqui Indian Mexican American.

CA Senators Ask for $5 Million to Increase Pipeline of Asian Language Teachers

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in CA, yet the state credentialed only 89 teachers who speak one of several Asian languages in the 2019-2020.

Water, Water, Everywhere: But Only Temporarily for Hmong Farmers in Siskiyou County

Court injunction temporarily halted the County unfair water ordinances, inferring discrimination.

Hmong Community Activist Ends 19-day Hunger Strike as California Attorney General Agrees to...

Attorney General Rob Bonta agreed to look into the death of farmer Soobleej Hawj, who was killed by Siskiyou County law enforcement officers late last month.

Siskiyou County New Frontier for Resisting anti-Asian Violence

Hmong Americans converged on the Siskiyou County courthouse in Yreka Saturday to demand a federal investigation into the June 28 fatal shooting of a Hmong father of three by law enforcement agencies.

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