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Children Don’t Make Decisions: A Community Discussion About Vaccination

Macy Yang | Hmong Daily News

At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the Hmong community in Sacramento, like the rest of the world, was in the dark about essential information on COVID-19. Community leaders reacted quickly, but not quickly enough to combat misinformation albeit little information was available at the time.

Now that the vaccine and more information about COVID are available, parents still express concern and fear as they navigate the decision to vaccinate their children. These concerns have no cultural or religious connection but are global concerns and fears.

In a community conversation, Dr. Hana Moua, a practitioner at UC Davis Health, engages community concerns about short-term, long-term side effects and vaccination for children.

Today, the community has learned to lean on leaders like Dr. Moua to make sure that community members obtain correct information from reliable sources, and to dispel misinformation that may, perhaps, prevent a community from getting vaccinated.

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