Weathering a Nationwide Tripledemic

A surging “tripledemic” of COVID-19, flu and RSV threatens to overburden an already burdened U.S. healthcare system.

Even With Updated Boosters Complacency a Key Obstacle to Getting Vaccinated

Frontline experts say the updated boosters protect against older and newer variants of Covid-19 though many continue to put off receiving the new shots.

Protect Your Child: Covid-19 Vaccines Help Prevent One of the Leading Causes of Child Death

Like all parents, I want my child to be healthy and well, and that is why I am passionate about sharing why I chose to vaccinate her against COVID-19.

Can Kids Safely Return To School Amid Ongoing COVID Pandemic?

As kids return to school this fall, parents have some homework to do: helping to keep their kids safe amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With...

‘Commercializing’ Covid-19 Response is Bad News on All Fronts

Comments from the White House's Covid response coordinator point to a shift in the administration's approach that could worsen existing health disparities.

Now is Not the Time to Drop Our Guard on Covid, Experts Say

With new variants emerging health experts say now is not the time to let our guard down when it comes to Covid.

Diversity a Challenge to Upping Vaccination Rates in California’s San Joaquin County

Local health officials are relying on community organizations to vaccinate the diverse communities that call this region of California home.

Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer — But Don Your Swimsuit and Goggles With Care

With summer here, parents are wondering whether it's safe for their kids to jump in the water as Covid infections continue to climb.

California’s Poorest County Has Nation’s Highest Vaccination Rate

Imperial County's success is a tribute to grassroots community organizing in this predominantly Latino community.

New Surge, Same Misinformation: Latino Parents Weigh Covid Vaccines for Their Youngest

A new Covid surge is driving an uptick in infections, even as persistent misinformation continues to hamper vaccination efforts among Latino families.

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