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A Year After Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Refugees Struggle to Find Footing in US

There are now 76,000 refugees from Afghanistan who have resettled in the US, mostly in Northern California, Washington DC, Texas, and Washington state.

A Tale of Three Cities – How Bakersfield, Columbus and Houston Tackled Homelessness

“We accomplished this because we changed our mindset and our beliefs. We now believe homelessness is not an individual issue but a community issue.” 

A Call for Help From LA’s Lifeline – Deal Would Take Humans Out of Human Services

A proposed contract would replace highly-trained responders with chat bots to handle the thousands of calls each month from residents seeking support.

Everyday Ageism Impacts Physical and Emotional Health of Older Adults

Over 82 percent of adults over the age of 50 say they regularly experience one or more form of everyday ageism on a regular basis, studies show.

What Millions of New Citizens Could Mean for the Next Election Cycle

A new report shows there were 5.19 million newly minted U.S. citizens between 2016 and 2020, a significant and, in key swing states, decisive voting bloc.

Questions and Anger Swirl Over Police Shooting of 23-Year-Old in San Bernardino

Attorneys for the family of 23-year-old Rob Marquise Adams held a press conference Wednesday to denounce what they describe as a “horrific execution.” 

How California’s Coercive Control Law Could Help Women Manipulated by Partners

Blanca suffered decades of psychological abuse from her husband, whose behaviors fall under a category of abuse experts call coercive control.

Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer — But Don Your Swimsuit and Goggles With Care

With summer here, parents are wondering whether it's safe for their kids to jump in the water as Covid infections continue to climb.

California’s Poorest County Has Nation’s Highest Vaccination Rate

Imperial County's success is a tribute to grassroots community organizing in this predominantly Latino community.

SB 911 Would Drive a Stake in the Heart of California’s Ethnic Media

SB 911 would dedicate $25 million in state funds to local and ethnic journalism. It would also stab the independent ethnic media sector in the heart. 

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