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Debt Ceiling Deal Averts Default, With Poor and Elderly Paying the Price

Held for ransom by Republicans, the debt ceiling deal Biden signed Saturday leaves those on the lower rungs with less support even as the nation’s debt continues to mount.

‘We Are Hitting a Crescendo’ — California Commission Holds First Public Forum on Hate Crimes

With hate crimes on the rise, speakers at the California Commission on the State of Hate forum stressed the need to bolster civil rights law and community engagement.

Black Yogis Share Their Personal Journeys Toward Self, Community Empowerment

Yoga is a multi-billion dollar global industry yet for many Black and brown communities it remains inaccessible. These yogis are working to change that.

Nowhere to Turn – Few Legal Paths for Migrants Fleeing War, Hunger and Climate Change

Even as climate change fuels a surge in global migration those seeking refuge have few legal options as governments worldwide move to tighten their borders.

To Stop Hate, Step Out of the Silo

As discrimination divides us, people and groups need to work together to counteract hate, says a panel of experts.

Salman Rushdie Denounces Book Bans at His First Public Appearance After Near-Fatal Knife Attack

In his first public appearance following a brutal knife attack, novelist Salman Rushdie denounced book bans at PEN America's annual gala.

Untouchable in America

Prem Pariyar and his family have suffered from caste discrimination throughout their lives in Nepal. He did not expect to find it in the US.

New Scams Targeting Immigrants Emerge as Title 42 Ends

Scammers are promising falsely to obtain green cards and special access for new immigrants, says the FTC, warning of new scams.

Pain, Grief and Fear: Korean Media Tackle Aftermath of Texas Shooting

Nearly two weeks after a gunman killed 8 people in Allen, Texas, Korean Americans there are asking why the shooting isn't being treated as a hate crime.

Black Entrepreneurs and Educators Should Oppose TikTok Ban

A ban on TikTok would harm the many Black entrepreneurs who rely on the platform to generate revenue and expand their businesses.

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