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Covering issues on aging and disability impacting immigrant communities and communities of color.

Attention Older Adults: The California Dept. Of Aging Wants to Hear from You

The Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults is open to all Californians ages 55 and older. The survey is available in nine languages.

Domestic Workers Are America’s Most Undervalued Resource

A raft of state and federal legislation aims to improve labor conditions for domestic workers, including minimum wage and paid sick leave.

Elevating the Voices of Invisible People

The SCAN Foundation held a day-long summit to address disparities in health care delivery for marginalized people.

Making Mental Health an Integral Part of Primary Care for Older Adults

With a quarter of Californians aged 65 or older by 2030, the state is looking for ways to better meet the mental and behavioral health needs of its older adult population.

The Loneliness of Immigrant Elders

The recent mass shootings in California put a tragic spotlight on the isolation and invisibility of many immigrant elders in the state.

Could Mental Health Interventions Have Averted Two Mass Shootings?

Mental health professionals who work in the AAPI community say cultural taboos prevent many from seeking treatment, allowing illnesses to deepen over time.

California at Forefront of Protecting Older Adults from Pandemic

The CDC's COVID mortality figures show people over 50 are dying from COVID 25 times more often than young adults 18-29.

Covid Treatments Readily Available, But Access Disparities Still Huge

While there is a unique opportunity to address the expected Covid surge this winter with readily available treatments, many people are not accessing them.

A Bill of Rights for Long-Term Care Residents

Advocates for older adults say more needs to be done to protect the rights of residents in California's long-term care facilities.

What Inclusion for All Means: California Embraces Master Plan for Older Adults

California’s Master Plan for Aging is a 10-year blueprint addressing current inequities for older adults and disabled people.

Disaggregating AAPI Health Data – Key to Combating Health Disparities

This briefing will share the latest data on AAPI health indicators, underlying contributors to such differences and why a one-size-fits-all approach to health care falls short.

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