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Covering issues on aging and disability impacting immigrant communities and communities of color.

A Bill of Rights for Long-Term Care Residents

Advocates for older adults say more needs to be done to protect the rights of residents in California's long-term care facilities.

What Inclusion for All Means: California Embraces Master Plan for Older Adults

California’s Master Plan for Aging is a 10-year blueprint addressing current inequities for older adults and disabled people.

Disaggregating AAPI Health Data – Key to Combating Health Disparities

This briefing will share the latest data on AAPI health indicators, underlying contributors to such differences and why a one-size-fits-all approach to health care falls short.

Japanese American Artists Pay Homage to Ancestors Incarcerated at Internment Camps

Eighty years after the incarceration of 126,000 Japanese Americans at internment camps, Sansei Granddaughters, a group of women artists pay homage to their ancestors.

Everyday Ageism Impacts Physical and Emotional Health of Older Adults

Over 82 percent of adults over the age of 50 say they regularly experience one or more form of everyday ageism on a regular basis, studies show.

Scapegoating Older Adults – Ageism Rears its Ugly Head

Speakers will discuss age-related bias, and its physical and mental impacts on older adults.

The ‘Chronic Rash’ of Ageism in Mainstream Media

The narrative that the nation's woes can be chalked up to the advanced age of its leaders is a sign of rampant ageism in media and society.

Older Adults Still At High Risk for COVID-19 — Beware Complacency

“We need your help in communicating the value of vaccines and boosters and testing-to-treatment for this population.”

Older Adults Still at High Risk for Covid-19: Boosters, Family Caregivers, Care Centers Most Effective Measures

Speakers will discuss the challenges of getting older adults fully boosted, and much more.

California Health Officials Call for Older Adults to Stay Vaccinated, Rejoin Their Communities

The re-opening of adult day centers in California combined with the availability of vaccines is allowing older adults to come out of isolation.

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