Racial and Ethnic Makeup of Arizona

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Census 2020

By Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity

On Friday, December 6, Ethnic Media Services partnered with Arizona One and Arizona Community Foundation to hold a briefing on the 2020 Census in Phoenix, Arizona. Specifically, the briefing focused on the high stakes for ethnic Arizonans and the youngest kids, historically the hardest to reach.

The following report was prepared by Jim Chang, Arizona State Demographer, and the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity. It includes data on Arizona’s population by age and ethnicity over time, as well as a sample copy of the Census form.

Jim Chang

Jim Chang

Arizona State Demographer

Jim Chang has been Arizona State Demographer since 2012, responsible for producing official population estimates and projections for the State of Arizona and its counties and incorporated places. These products are used by state agencies and local governments for various purposes from expenditure limitations to infrastructure planning.