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COVID Myth Busters 4

In December 2022-February 2023, reporters for Ethnic Media multimedia outlets across California produced Myth Busters 4, continuing a groundbreaking fellowship program coordinated by Ethnic Media Services and funded by the California Department of Public Health’s VaccinateAll58 campaign. Each segment reports on the most dangerous myths about COVID 19 and vaccines circulating in their communities. Also see COVID Myth Busters, COVID Myth Buster 2 and COVID Myth Buster 3.

Tin giả về vaccine COVID-19 xuất phát từ đâu, và vì sao?

Người Việt | Vietnamese | Where Did Fake News About the Covid-19 Vaccine Come From, and Why?

Covid Myths Among Latinos in California Begin to Recede

La Opinion | Medical experts in California say they are seeing signs that misinformation among Latinos about Covid 19 is beginning to recede.

Imperial County’s Trust in Vaccines Reduce Covid Infections

Beyond Borders Gazette | From being the county that was in critical condition at the height of covid, Imperial County became one of the top vaccinated counties in California. 

Visual Disinformation Can Be Especially Persuasive, Expert Warns

Richmond Pulse | Compared to written content alone, the addition of visual content enhances emotional arousal and, in some cases, persuasive impact.

Children Don’t Make Decisions: A Community Discussion About Vaccination

Hmong Daily News | Children and adults have the same issues when they get COVID, and just vaccinating the adults in a household is not nearly enough.

Por qué los latinos no quieren vacunar a sus hijos contra covid-19

La Opinión | Latino youth are among the least vaccinated in California, though nationwide children more broadly have some of the lowest vaccination rates of any age group.

Desconfianza y miedo a la vacuna contra Covid-19 orilla a inmigrantes a beber ‘menjurjes’

Kiosko News | Since the pandemic began, botanicals and herbalist shops in downtown Los Angeles reflect the trend toward natural products that help boost the immune system.


News for Chinese | A new study shows a glaring discrepancy between vaccination rates among Chinese children in San Francisco and their Latino and African American peers.

Long COVID Causes Confusion, Anxiety

Chico Sol | Lack of robust information is leaving patients frustrated when doctors cannot confirm if their ailments are indeed signs of long COVID.

Periodismo responsable y de calidad: La vacuna para la desinformación

Impulso Newspaper | Responsible and quality journalism: The Disinformation of COVID Vaccine

Vaccine Misinformation and Indigenous Peoples Living in San Diego

Indian Voices | Only 39.1% of Native Americans have been vaccinated, the lowest percentage of vaccination among all racial/ethnic groups in San Diego.

To Vax or Not?

Local News Matters (African American) | Although the Bay Area leads the nation in child vaccination rates, a surprising number of parents express hesitation and fear as they navigate the choice to vaccinate their kids.

Filipinos, Fil-Ams Still Cling to Myths on COVID-19 and Vaccines

Philippines News Today | FilAm and Filipino anti-vaxxers expressed uncertainty that COVID-19 vaccines are effective because they believe drug companies rushed to develop them.


On-Topic Conversation

Disinformation Update: Current COVID 19 and Vaccine/Booster Tropes and Narratives

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