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Desconfianza y miedo a la vacuna contra Covid-19 orilla a inmigrantes a beber ‘menjurjes’

Since the pandemic began, botanicals and herbalist shops in downtown Los Angeles reflect the trend toward natural products that help boost the immune system.

Nora Estrada | Kiosko News

Immigrants in the United States preserve traditions from their countries of origin.
Hoping that concoctions or concoctions made with herbs and plants will protect them against Covid-19, dozens of people daily cram the herbarías or botánicas of Downtown Los Angeles.

In a tour made by Kiosko News through several stores, it was possible to confirm that customers come in search of herbs that help them to strengthen their immune system, as a preventive measure, instead of inoculating themselves with the vaccine against Covid.

Many turn to traditional medicine, which according to the World Health Organization, incorporates plants, animals and minerals, due to tradition and ancestral beliefs.

Others said they have no other option due to lack of health insurance and the high cost of conventional medicine, based on science and its scientific and technological advances.
Some immigrants also commented that the fact that the Covid vaccine is free generates distrust and fear of deportation.

It is common knowledge that immigrants of all nationalities living in the United States also carry their own cultures and traditions, such as the use of herbal medicine to treat certain ailments.

And Latinos are no exception.

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