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Ethnic Media Services, in partnership with the East Bay Regional Park District, spearheaded the “Enjoy, Don’t Destroy, Our Public Parks” reporting campaign, working with ethnic media outlets statewide to produce multimedia stories on efforts to balance record numbers of visitors with local habitats.


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Enjoy, Don’t Destroy, Our Public Parks — More Visitors Put Native Wildlife and Habitat at Risk

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東灣公園局呼籲遊客 享受大自然敬請自重

Sing Tao Daily News (Chinese) | East Bay Regional Park District appeals to tourists to enjoy nature and be respectful.

Aumento de visitantes a los parques a partir de la pandemia, amenaza la vida silvestre

La Opinion (Spanish) | "It's about respecting the earth, and respecting ourselves as human beings."

Dale a la vida silvestre su espacio y disfrútala

Impulso (Spanish) | Give wildlife their space and enjoy it.

공원관리위원회, 올바른 주립공원 이용법… 자연보호 잊지말자

News Wave 25 (Korean) | Proper use of state parks... Don't forget to protect nature.

Preservation, Respect and Care for Parks Given Focus

Philippine News Today | A media briefing focus on native wildlife and habitats remind us of the preservation for these national treasures.

東灣: 保護公園生態 不放生 不喂食 不棄養

Sky Link TV Cantonese News | East Bay: Let’s protect the ecosystem of our parks.


Neo Media (Chinese) | "We hope that this piece of land is meaningful and can benefit the present and future generations."

Enjoy, Don’t Destroy Our Public Parks

India Currents | Public parks usage is a delicate balance between recreation and preservation.


Grandmar Media (Chinese) | "When we come to these parks, we need to understand the history of these parks, and the sensitivity to our existence."

Các công viên khắp California cần được bảo vệ vì cư dân đến quá nhiều

Nguoi Viet (Vietnamese) | While parks help many residents stay healthy, overcrowding in parks creates many dangers to the environment and native wildlife.

La naturaleza siempre te recibirá, no la destruyas

Visión Hispana (Spanish) | Nature will always receive you, do not destroy it.

Как сохранить природное и видовое разнообразие парков штата?

Slavic Sacramento | How to preserve the natural and species diversity of state parks?

Bidwell Park Struggles with Increased Use, Dry Conditions

Chico Sol (Multi-Ethnic) | Californians flock to public parks to escape lockdowns, connect with nature.

Some Park Visitors Seeking Relief from Covid Lockdown Became ‘Virus’ to Wildlife, Habitat

The Filipino American Post | The number of park visitors during the pandemic increased to about 30 million annually in Alameda and Costa Counties, and the Bay Area.


Century Tribune (Chinese) | "These parks belong to all of us, and we all have a responsibility to take care of this land."

是福是禍?疫情喚起戶外活動興趣 加州野生公園訪客增

World Journal (Chinese) | Is it a blessing or a curse? Pandemic arouses interest in outdoor activities, increasing California wild park visitors.

Protect the Parks

Our Weekly (African American) | Having awareness keeps people and wildlife safe.


Yuanxuan Multimedia (Chinese) | Enjoy the beauty of nature, but don't spoil our parks, the surge in tourists puts native wildlife and habitats at risk.

Community Newsbrief – Public Parks

Showbiz India | What visitors need to do to balance the human impacts of recreation with the natural environment.


SinoVision Inc (Chinese) | People need to pay attention to local habitats and animals in our parks, and do what we can to reduce the human impact.

Enjoy, Don’t Destroy, Our Public Parks – More Visitors Put Native Wildlife and Habitat at Risk

Immigrant Magazine (Multi-Ethnic) | Voice of Immigrants in America


AMTV (Chinese) | Experts call on tourists to consciously protect the parks' natural environment and wild animals

Llaman a proteger parques públicos en San Francisco

Peninsula 360 Press (Spanish) | A call to protect public parks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Finding Balance As More People Visit East Bay Parks

Richmond Pulse (Multi-Ethnic) | During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people started visiting East Bay parks. And it had consequences.

州立公園疫期訪客驟增五倍 環境面臨威脅加大

Sino TV (Chinese) | State parks see five-fold increase in visitors during pandemic, increasing environmental threats.

공원 이용은 언제나 환영, 하지만 자연보호를 잊지 말자

Kyocharo (Korean) | A park full of wildlife, enjoy it, but don't destroy it.

Me Kauti Keda Vata Mai

Radio Bula Duavata (Fijian) | Let's Count on You