The End of Title 42 May Not Significantly Impact Border Communities

The end of Title 42 will have little impact on border communities says Edinburg, Texas city attorney Omar Ochoa, who lives on the border.

Tijuana Sees Sharp Increase in Ukrainian Refugees Seeking Entry into U.S.

Some 2,000 Ukrainians are currently being sheltered in Tijuana as they wait to enter the US amid Russia's ongoing invasion of their country.

Born an Activist: A Venezuelan Student Protester Turns into an Advocate for Latinos in the United States

Cecilia González Herrera's earliest memories are of the successive closure of independent television channels and newspapers in her country, Venezuela.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Proposes Universal Healthcare, Including Undocumented

The $614 million proposal is part of the 2022-23 state budget known as the California Blueprint, which the governor unveiled a day earlier.

Water, Water, Everywhere: But Only Temporarily for Hmong Farmers in Siskiyou County

Court injunction temporarily halted the County unfair water ordinances, inferring discrimination.

More Women are Targets of Xenophobic Hate

Immigrant women account for most of the victims of hate crimes. Why is this phenomenon so pervasive?

Angelica Salas, Chirla Action Fund: “California Governor’s Recall is an Attack on Immigrants”

Salas believes that “this recall attempt is not against the governor but against the immigrant community through the governor.” 

Six Months in, a Mixed Outcome of Biden’s Immigration Policies

Although many of Trump's era directives have been reversed, the border and the interior tell a different tale for immigrants in the country.

Hmong Community Activist Ends 19-day Hunger Strike as California Attorney General Agrees to Look at Demands

Attorney General Rob Bonta agreed to look into the death of farmer Soobleej Hawj, who was killed by Siskiyou County law enforcement officers late last month.

Siskiyou County New Frontier for Resisting anti-Asian Violence

Hmong Americans converged on the Siskiyou County courthouse in Yreka Saturday to demand a federal investigation into the June 28 fatal shooting of a Hmong father of three by law enforcement agencies.

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