OP-ED: Asian Americans Want Stronger Gun Laws. As Elected Officials, We Must Act.

An overwhelming majority of Asian Americans support tougher gun laws and are now in a position to influence the outcome of elections in states across the country.

New Report Details the Harmful Legacy of Trump’s Subversion of Public Health

The report provides details about the genesis of Title 42 and how political calculations "steamrolled" pandemic science and public health.

Californians Can’t Wait Any Longer for Independent Redistricting

Angelenos, and all Californians, deserve more from their government than being used as pawns in a game of political chess. Luckily, we have solutions.

On Latest LA City Hall Scandal, Democrats It’s Time to Meet the Moment

In one single instance, the worst fears of Blacks in Los Angeles were confirmed in graphic detail: the top Democratic leaders of the city are anti-Black.

On the Record With Governor Gavin Newsom: Saving Water & Building a More Resilient Future

Without action, state officials believe extreme weather could diminish California’s water supply by up to 10 percent by 2040.

Ordinary Brazilians Go Hungry as Bolsonaro Threatens Democracy

Rampant hunger, poverty and crippling household debt are priorities for Brazilian voters even as the current president makes democracy the key target.

Protect Your Child: Covid-19 Vaccines Help Prevent One of the Leading Causes of Child Death

Like all parents, I want my child to be healthy and well, and that is why I am passionate about sharing why I chose to vaccinate her against COVID-19.

‘Commercializing’ Covid-19 Response is Bad News on All Fronts

Comments from the White House's Covid response coordinator point to a shift in the administration's approach that could worsen existing health disparities.

Political Misinformation Meant to Forestall Latino Power Threatens All

At this perilous moment for democracy, the country cannot afford to abandon millions of voters to ongoing misinformation campaigns targeting Latinos.

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