The Invisibility of Asians in America

Though they are one of the oldest populations in the U.S., Asian Americans feel like they are still perceived as foreigners.

Alito Opinion Could Usher in New Jane Crow Era

The likely undoing of Roe v. Wade has grave consequences for reproductive care. But Alito’s 98-page opinion shows other hard-won rights are imperiled.

Experts Await Data on Moderna’s Vaccine for Kids; Criticize Lifting of Mask Mandates

Experts say now is the time to educate families on the importance of vaccines for younger children.

California Health Officials Call for Older Adults to Stay Vaccinated, Rejoin Their Communities

The re-opening of adult day centers in California combined with the availability of vaccines is allowing older adults to come out of isolation.

Housing, Hate, and Health Top Concerns for AAPI in LA

The agency will be translating all written materials into the 15 most-used languages in the state and adding more interpreters to its phone lines.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Proposes Universal Healthcare, Including Undocumented

The $614 million proposal is part of the 2022-23 state budget known as the California Blueprint, which the governor unveiled a day earlier.

New White House Could Permanently Remove Public Charge Rule, Easing Anxiety for Immigrants

The Joe Biden Administration has an opportunity to immediately revoke implementation of the Trump-era public charge rule.

Where Breathing is Easy – Open Spaces are Critical for Public Health

Measure T seeks to renew Measure Q, which has allowed the County to preserve North Coyote Valley from the hands of developers.

Newsom Takes Aim at State’s Top Three Challenges: Healthcare, Housing, Homeless

In a briefing for Asian Pacific Islander media, the governor also warned the anti-immigrant threat is now expanding to the API community.

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