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Supreme Court Ban on Abortions Will Disproportionately Harm Communities of Color

Almost 2/3 of women seeking abortions come from communities of color, a data point often overlooked in conversations around a woman’s right to choose.

Senate Republicans Stall Confirmation of Muslim American SBA Nominee Dilawar Syed

For the fifth time, all GOP senators failed to show up for a vote.

More Women are Targets of Xenophobic Hate

Immigrant women account for most of the victims of hate crimes. Why is this phenomenon so pervasive?

Redistricting Champions – Evan Milligan’s Vision of a Freer Alabama Hinges on Fair...

Demographic changes documented by the 2020 Census will lead to a broader, more inclusive culture only if the state’s redistricting process ensures more equal representation for all.

Study Sheds New Light on Domestic Violence in Asian Immigrant Communities

Domestic violence in the United States is pervasive but little understood, particularly in non-English speaking communities. In a groundbreaking new report, the Asian Pacific...

MENA Leaders Say Without Census Data We’re Invisible And Disenfranchised

For generations, millions of Americans whose roots lie in the Middle East and North Africa — MENA — have essentially become invisible people because the Census Bureau has denied requests for their own racial category.

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