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North Carolina Activists Make Redistricting an Ongoing Rallying Cry

The complexities of redistricting often mean certain communities are left unrepresented by the officials they elect to office.

North Carolina Redistricting Advocates Take a Victory Lap

The state’s supreme court declared unconstitutional original election maps approved by a mostly Republican legislature.

New Redistricting Maps in Southern States Shut Out Voters of Color

“Extreme racial gerrymandering” and “partisan gerrymandering” represent an unprecedented threat to participatory democracy.

In Southern States, Redistricting Maps Lock Out Communities of Color

Despite strong advocacy, congressional and legislative redistricting continue to leave minorities unrepresented. Litigation is expected before the 2022 primaries.

Voting Rights is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Three different proposals to strengthen and create nationwide standards on voting are all stalled in Congress.

Latinos in Durham Want a Voice in Redistricting — A Kitchen Table Conversation...

Overcoming hardship and fear, some Hispanics are attending public hearings to speak out about why they want electoral maps to be redrawn.

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