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‘They Break Up Families’ — Crypto Scam Leaves Lasting Scars for Atlanta’s Korean Community

Reporting by Atlanta's Korean media show losses totaling $10 million with alleged victims in the hundreds. One woman is now looking for justice.

Easier to Get a Gun than a Covid Test – Multi-Racial Coalition Seeks...

Evan Milligan, who received his firearms training in the Alabama National Guard, harshly critiques his state’s imbalance of priorities.

Redistricting Champions – Evan Milligan’s Vision of a Freer Alabama Hinges on Fair...

Demographic changes documented by the 2020 Census will lead to a broader, more inclusive culture only if the state’s redistricting process ensures more equal representation for all.

Korean Americans to Legislators — Domestic Violence Survivors Need Permanent Funding Stream

Korean Americans are overrepresented among Asian Americans who experience domestic violence and their stories underscore the need for services that address the linguistic and cultural silos.

Ethnic Communities Unite to Combat Anti-Asian Violence

In the midst of an epidemic of brutal attacks hate crimes against Asian Americans, ethnic communities are coming together to attack the virus of racism.

Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai Offered Free Legal Help on Housing Problems

A nonprofit is offering free, in-language legal help for Koreans, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese in the Southern California Region trying to find or keep safe housing.

Study Sheds New Light on Domestic Violence in Asian Immigrant Communities

Domestic violence in the United States is pervasive but little understood, particularly in non-English speaking communities. In a groundbreaking new report, the Asian Pacific...

Trump Effect — Mid-terms a Turning Point for Asian American Voters

With a history of low voter engagement, Asian Americans have not been seen as an influential voting bloc. What is known as the Trump Effect appears to be changing that.

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